Cardio Workouts VS The 60 Second Panic Solution For Reducing Panic Attacks

Fstress free woman in fieldor many of us hard workers who spend 60 hours or more in the office there simply isn’t enough time to go to the gym and get a 45 minute workout in. Which is a big problem because when you aren’t getting enough exercise it’s a lot more likely that you will get stressed out and suffer panic attacks!

Panic attacks, which are also called anxiety attacks can cause serious issues. Many people end up taking pills for years to keep their symptoms under control and even if you do that you may still suffer from attacks, which is no way to go through life.

Not only can suffering from these attacks take you away from conducting your daily business, but they can drastically affect the amount of enjoyment you get out of life. So, I wanted to write a post looking at two popular ways of managing stress and reducing panic attacks the first being short 10 minute cardio sessions and the second being Anna Gibson Steel’s 60 Second Panic Solution.

First lets talk about brief cardio workouts. A lot of people are under the impression that they have no hope of getting into shape or reducing their stress levels if they aren’t working out for long workouts. That is simply not true!

All you need is ten minutes and you can get an amazing low-impact cardio workout that can actually be more effective in reducing stress and preventing panic attacks than most 30 to 45 minute workouts you could get at the gym, and you will be increasing cardiovascular strength and getting rid of unsightly body fat at the same time.

You don’t need any equipment for these quick work outs. All you need is a little motivation and you’re ready for the most effective time saving panic attackk stopping work out of your life! The great thing about this,is if you do this right you’re getting the most effective cardio exercises possible. Sounds great right?

The trick is to exercise in short bursts so that you are truly maximizing your time. It’s basically like squeezing a 60 minute cardio workout down to 10 minutes. Ok, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty on how you can make this work for you. First, you want to do about two minutes of warm up activities. This includes your basic quad stretches, a few leg lifts, and squats. Again, these are the basics, but it’s important to get the blood flowing for about two minutes before you start the rest of your workout because injury prevention is the number one priority here and one way to ensure you wont get injured is by warming up.

The key is that over the course of the next eight minutes that you are minimizing your recovery interval time between each workout and that way your heart rate is going to maintain a rate that will ensure you’re getting the most panic attack reducing effects from your exercise.

The first exercise you want to incorporate is the good old fashioned jumping jack. The jumping jack has been around for years, maybe even hundreds of years. And the reason for that is how amazingly effective this exercise is at working up a sweat. If you forget how you did these in gym class, here’s a refresher: You jump with your arm lifts and then your legs to the side like a pair of scissors and then repeat. If you continue doing this for a thirty second burst with ten second intervals for two minutes, you’ll be pretty winded after two minutes. You’ll also start to feel that burn! That’s a good thing and it means your muscles are working!

Next, you want to work those legs and get some tried and true squats going. With feet apart you bend your legs to ninety degrees with your arms outstretched and repeat for thirty seconds and then take a fifteen second rest.

Perhaps the most important and most challenging exercise would be the amazingly effective burpee. This is an awesome exercise that will give your body a blast of cardio and strength building. It combines push up with jumping and there’s no easy way to get around this exercise. Basically, you start from a standing position and then get down to do a push up. When you push up, you then jump up and outstretch your arms above your head and then repeat all over again. If you do this for thirty seconds, you’re definitely going to feel like you’re getting a good workout.

Next, you want to cool down which will involve the same stretches you did before you started. This is crucial and will help avoid injury. So, for those of you looking for a short, effective workout that will not only help you to reduce stress and avoid panic or anxiety attacks while at the same time helping  you improve your cardio health then this is the workout for you. (It’s perfect for those of us who do not have the time to go to the gym and if you make sure you do this at least four times per week for best results.)

We certainly had a lot to discuss with that solution as I basically just gave you a complete workout, but how does this compare to Anna Gibson Steel’s solution? The answer is that Anna solution for panic attacks is much simpler and more effective. All it has to do with is remembering a simple exercise that you can do to use your mind body connection to stop anxiety attacks in their tracks. The downside, it that unlike this cardio workout you won’t actually lose any weight using Anna’s system.

In the end I think most people will do best using a combination of these two techniques. By Doing the cardio workouts they’ll be able to reduce stress and the frequency of panic attacks, and then they can use Anna’s 60 second panic solution to stop the occasional attack when it does occur.